About Us

Hi, I’m Maria

and I’m so grateful you’re here

My guess is that we’re quite alike in our desire to know and live out our purpose.

For many years, I dreamed of fulfilling my true purpose, but my life got in the way.

My responsibilities.
My duties.
My fears.

Until one day, I realized two things…

1. I was not alone.
2. I was the only person standing in my way.

As I started to experience life from a different perspective, so many doors opened up in magical ways. All of them guided me to the same place…WITHIN.

My constant search for meaning has been a life-long journey. It has taken me down many different paths of healing and growth, but the only path which has remained true for me is somatic healing – a body-oriented approach to healing trauma and emotional challenges.

As I got more involved in this work and became a certified practitioner, I remained curious about a topic that I could relate to very well – women who feel unfulfilled, who are not meeting their true potential. I became passionate about women who need to find their power and awaken to
their true greatness!

We don't need to look outside of ourselves to find our true identity and recognize our power

This belief is learned and practiced. Through my coaching, we take intellectual steps to create a pathway that works for you while always coming back to the wisdom of the body.

Would love to help bring you home to you!



Maria Mahboubi helps women overcome self-doubt to make empowered decisions by becoming aware of their past traumas and current stresses, transforming unhealthy belief systems, and ultimately helping them embody their empowerment. Through her own search for her truth, Maria learned first-hand the power of somatic healing and coaching, and she is passionate about helping other women experience a transformative healing in their own lives.

Certified in Somatic Release Techniques from the Somatic Institute in Los Angeles and Point Holding Processes from the PsychoNeuroEnergetics Practitioner Training Program, she is a somatic healer and coach offering one-on-one sessions and transformative workshops.

She is also a “Quinn Essentials” Women Empowerment Coach, a Certified Embodied Breathwork Facilitator by the Embodied Healing Academy and studies through the lineage of The Strozzi Institute of Somatic Coaching.

Maria lives with her husband and children in Beverly Hills, California.