I am too old for this

About a year ago, my then 8 year old told me “Mom I am done playing with dolls, I want to get rid of them, I am too old.” I quickly took her up on her request, grabbed a few trash bags and got down on the floor to select, pile and quickly determine what […]

What is this I am Feeling?

I am fascinated by feelings and emotions, and I talk a lot about these in a very descriptive way with my clients. As humans we encounter a variety of feelings, most of which we don’t have a proper definition for. So, in response to “How do you feel?”, we typically fluctuate between the core feelings: […]

My Self- Compassion Reminder

About a year ago, I decided to put a daily reminder on my phone to practice compassionate self-forgiveness. My intention was to acknowledge any mistakes that I will inevitably make on a daily basis so as to not be “too hard on myself” about making them. Where could I do better? Where did I fail […]


If you could summarize your experience of 2021, what word comes to mind? When I look back over the past 365 days of my life, I’m reminded of growth and growing pains, personal loss and gains, incredible new connections and difficult separations, and discovery and communion with Spirit. I would summarize 2021 with one word […]

Life Is Like a Puzzle

For our winter vacation, I decided to get a puzzle. I thought it would be a great way to engage the family during our downtime after skiing. I picked a spectacular 500-piece puzzle – “The Girl who Reads to Birds” by Natalíe Lété. It was very colorful and very difficult I have always loved puzzles, […]

Beginning With Gratitude

This year on Thanksgiving, I feel more able to articulate all that I am grateful for. Much different than last year, when, like many of you, I was mainly grateful for being healthy and having my family by my side during possibly one of the worst years of our lives, 2020. (And, that seemed to […]

Be curious instead.

“What was she thinking?” “I can’t believe she did that!” “She really needs to get her act together.” Ever said (or thought) something similar? Isn’t it easy to judge the people around us when they do something that doesn’t meet our expectations? And, isn’t it even easier to judge ourselves? The truth is this type […]

Have you weaved a web of worry?

When our first daughter came into the world, something showed up right alongside her that I never expected. Oh sure, there were beautiful gifts and home cooked meals and unending well-wishes, but something else entered my life as well. WORRY! It’s not as though I didn’t worry prior to becoming a mother, but parenthood took […]

Who does he think he is?

“You have a lot to say. Why are you not saying anything at all?” he forcefully asked. “What a jerk!” I thought to myself as he just walked away. “Who does he think he is?” A complete stranger who I just met at a party…and he thinks he knows who I am. How dare he?!?! […]

Whose life am I living?

I’ll never forget the day when I looked in the mirror and asked myself, “Whose life am I living? Is this the life I truly want?” You know that feeling of driving somewhere and not even knowing how you got there? That’s exactly what it felt like when I woke up one day in my […]