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“The Awakened Choice is your sanctuary for transformation and healing. Through somatic healing and coaching, we empower you to transcend your limiting beliefs and awaken to your full potential”

Helping women overcome self-doubt to make empowered decisions

The Awakened Choice is dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of somatic healing, by guiding women to discover and heal themselves. Our purpose is to cultivate a healing journey based on truth and simplicity, thus creating profound personal and collective change.

The Awakened Choice !

The Awakened Choice is an invitation to explore what’s beneath the surface. To look at those places that are uncomfortable to see, or those places which you are not used to inhabiting, all for the purpose of expanding and getting curious about your own depth and all of the possibilities available through empowered choices.

That’s what we are here to explore.

Through somatic healing and coaching, you will be able to peel the layers and look deeper to understand your power of choice to awaken to a new perspective on what it means to have embodied choice and how you will put it into practice. Becoming aware of all your unseen and unnamed parts is the beginning of this journey into an awakened life.

Values at The Awakened Choice

  • We are compassionate
  • We believe in gratitude
  • We are kind
  • We love simplicity
  • We honor personal fulfillment
  • We only do truth

Somatic Healer and Coach - Maria Mahboubi

Hi, I’m Maria, and I’m so grateful you’re here.

My guess is that we’re quite alike in our desire to know and live out our purpose.

For many years, I dreamed of fulfilling my true purpose, but my life got in the way.

My responsibilities. My duties. My fears.

Until one day, I realized two things… I was not alone, and I was the only person standing in my way.

As I started to experience life from a different perspective, so many doors opened up in magical ways. All of them guided me to the same place…WITHIN.

I am passionate about women who want to find their power and embrace their true greatness.

Get the personalized support and guidance you need to experience healing and to reclaim your path.

Learn somatic practices that will help you go within, so you can trust the signals your body is giving you.



Discover profound transformations and renewed vitality through The Awakened Choice’s somatic healing and coaching, as shared by our valued clients.

When one is willing to go deep and allow oneself to be vulnerable, it is very important that you feel safe with the person you are working with. Maria radiates love. She is compassionate, caring, nurturing, giving, non–judgmental, humble, and at the same time, she does not enable you. Maria is intuitively wise! When I work with her, I feel I am in great hands. I feel safe, understood, and empowered. You can spend years in talk therapy and make no progress. With Somatic coaching, you can make huge strides. I highly recommend working with her!
Veronica P.

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