I’m just a stay-at-home mom

I am just a stay-at-home mom, she said, as she sadly looked down and tried to convince herself that she was enough. She then added, “that’s a lot”. I nodded in agreement and said, “That is everything!”

I believe Stay-at-home moms and mothers have been assigned the hardest task in the world, to raise good humans. For the sheer understanding of the amazement which this is, we should feel in a different category of worthiness altogether. However, most of us are suffering from the epidemic of “Not enoughness”. This epidemic is made worse by the speed at which we live, where we don’t only need to accomplish so much, but we have to do it quickly and effortlessly.

For those of us who subscribe to this idea, the overwhelm that it causes leaves us feeling very lonely and sad, always trying to justify why we are JUST something, not YET something else.

What is it that we are searching for?
What is it that we are waiting for?

I ask this as I remember grappling with these questions myself and waiting for the right time to feel ENOUGH. But, that time never comes because it is a feeling that we need to tap into, not an action. It’s inside of us.

You see, enoughness doesn’t come from our accomplishments, it comes from our awareness of the importance of our existence. We can’t feel being enough because we are looking outside for what is inside. It will never be enough because we are constantly comparing ourselves and raising the bar.  In a perfect world, this awareness would be untarnished by our environment, but that is unfortunately not the case. To quote the incredible, Caroline Myss, “our biography becomes our biology”. This means that our family dynamics, our environment, and our life experience is what our body holds. It’s what shapes us and what we embody.

As a student of somatics, I understand what this means in the physical and spiritual body. To develop the awareness and purpose of our existence, we need to be present in who we are, what has shaped us, and how we navigate life in an embodied way. We can’t find that which we are searching for by keeping busy and multi-tasking to prove our worth. We can only find it by being present and still. Then, our body will talk to us and guide us in a beautiful and precise way to uncover all that lies within. Our feeling of being enough is the starting point for our transformation to happen.