My Self- Compassion Reminder

About a year ago, I decided to put a daily reminder on my phone to practice compassionate self-forgiveness. My intention was to acknowledge any mistakes that I will inevitably make on a daily basis so as to not be “too hard on myself” about making them.

Where could I do better?

Where did I fail to be an understanding mom?

Where did I fail to be a supportive wife?

Where did I fail to be true to myself?

And, after taking stock of my day, I would be reminded of practicing self-compassion and forgiving myself for any self-judgment. It seemed like a good daily practice.

In retrospect, this choice I made to have a daily reminder was based on my intention of growing everyday and becoming better. However, the foundation of that intention definitely came from a place of lack. I was projecting a daily mea culpa that inadvertently caused a heaviness in my heart. As I write these words, I see it clearly that my practice of compassionate self-forgiveness should be a declaration of love for myself instead of a way to repair something I have done wrong.

So, as I reframe what self-compassion means for me now, It feels more like – “I won’t doubt myself anymore”; “I will only come from my truth” and “I will make choices from a place of love”. However, for those times when I do come from fear, I will practice self-compassion by shifting my perspective, reframing my thoughts and giving myself a big hug and then I will try again to make a better choice.

I don’t feel like I need a digital daily reminder anymore, not because I will not often need self-compassion, but because I won’t set up my day from a place of lack or not-enoughness but instead from a place of Infinite Abundance. Waking up from that place of abundance is a much more energetically-aligned way to be in my truth. Understanding that anything is possible and all blessings are available to me is a much better way to wake up and start my day. And, on those “not so good days”, I will instinctively know to remind myself of what to do and to understand that “It all is as it should be”.

And I get to do it all again the next day!

How are you showing up for yourself every day? Is it from a place of lack or abundance?

Big love,