To work with Maria is to be enveloped and held in an energetic embrace of loving kindness, support, thoughtfulness and care. In each session we have, Maria is fully present. Her demeanor is kind and caring and she also has a quiet and unshakable strength and inner power which she imbues into our sessions. I trust her completely and I appreciate the experience she has and the somatic therapeutic tools she has offered me to work with. Her gentle questions and offerings have provided me with immense insight and comfort. I am truly grateful for her!

BatSheva V.

I met Maria, who was a coach in the Quinn Essentials workshop by Andrea Quinn I took approximately two years ago.  Following that workshop, I decided to work 1:1 with Maria to address burn-out from my high stress executive role at a large public company which was impacting my mental and physical health and family relationships. We worked on integrating the Quinn Essential tools into my decision-making processes. Maria also assisted me with listening to signals from my body, gave me very useful centering tools and other somatic practices which alleviated stress and helped me mentally prepare for meetings. Her tips guided my process to identify life goals, how to best deal with my burn out and to live more authentically.   I am very happy with my sessions with Maria, found them to be a great value, and her openness and availability to be exceptional. If you are looking to ways to understand what your body is telling you, live more authentically, and in tune with your values, I highly recommend working with Maria.

Dannette S.

  • When one is willing to go deep and allow oneself to be vulnerable, it is very important that you feel safe with the person you are working with. Maria radiates love. She is compassionate, caring, nurturing, giving, non–judgmental, humble, and at the same time, she does not enable you. Maria is intuitively wise! When I work with her, I feel I am in great hands. I feel safe, understood, and empowered. You can spend years in talk therapy and make no progress. With Somatic coaching, you can make huge strides. I highly recommend working with her!

    Veronica P. Educator
  • My somatic healing experience with Maria helped me to better understand the connection between my body and mind. For someone who can easily spend so much time processing life in my head, I've had to work hard toward acknowledging my emotions and allowing them the space to exist.

    Previously, I was intellectualizing my feelings, but now I finally "feel" my emotions in a way that I had yet to date. I find Maria's work to be invaluable for anyone, but particularly for those who actively work to envision and manifest a new future, a new reality, by completely "feeling" the sensation of what that new future will be like.

    Eira S. CEO
  • Under Maria’s gentle, loving guidance, and touch, I connected to a deep internal belief about myself that stopped me from moving forward in several areas of my life. With Maria’s meditation, I saw energy moving through my body for the first time by focusing on colors I saw with my eyes closed and connecting them to where Maria was hovering her hands over me. It was truly amazing. I still use what Maria taught me about colors to connect to how I am feeling. My time with Maria opened up parts of my heart that I had not felt for a long time. I highly recommend working with her.

    Wendy R. Consultant
  • My session with Maria for somatic coaching was profound! I left the session with a sense of peace and permission to heal my wounds. She sees you, she gets you, and holds a safe space to fearlessly face traumas and heal. She is a gift.

    Andrea Q. Life Coach
  • My experience in the workshop with María motivated me to connect with my body in ways that I had never ever experienced before! Besides her vast and impressive compassionate approach, Maria possesses a keen sense to actively listening and subtracting the key aspects that need attention, and that our body is reflecting. I am truly grateful and appreciative of Maria’s time, expert guidance and support in the process of recognizing and attending my own body’s language.

    Luz Angela R.
  • Maria is awesome! She listens, guides, gives hope. We all need that compassionate person that can witness our pain and trauma. Maria does just that. She helped me realize I am not my pain, my old story of what someone in my past has said or done to me. That we all have the power and the knowingness to experience joy, freedom even when life gets challenging. Maria is a beautiful soul!

    Jill J.