What We Need is Each Other

Like many of you, I am horrified, appalled and deeply saddened. Most of all, I am in awe of all that I am feeling as the emotions stem from new depths of my being. The recent events in Israel have shocked us in all possible ways we may have never experienced before. For me personally, the ripples of this shock have opened in me a new understanding of my identity. My identity as a Jew has taken a whole new meaning for me. I am feeling fully immersed in my faith and my Jewish heritage as I grieve and pray with my brothers and sisters. I now truly feel and know our individual and collective pain. I now better understand the concept of solidarity and coming together and I viscerally understand why we are who we are.

My heart aches as a human being, not capable of understanding the depths of evil that we are witnessing. My heart aches as a mother as I cry with flowing tears that appear automatically without warning. My heart aches as I imagine the incomprehensible choices that many people are having to make to preserve life. And, I am not alone.

Now, more than ever, we need to realize that the only way to heal is collectively. In every tragedy, there is an opportunity to look at ourselves and make a choice. At this moment, we need each other to get through the pain and grief we are feeling. Likewise, when we experience individual life challenges, the hardest part is going through it alone. When we understand the power of collective healing, we understand the importance of widening our lens and seeing our connection to all those around us. As we heal collectively, we heal from the source, we envelope our wounds in light and love.

               “Everything we heal, we mature, we develop in ourselves,                                                    is never just for ourselves only.”                                                                                                               –Thomas Huebl

When we take a moment to understand our collective power to heal, effectuate change and to create miracles, we become aware of what is possible. Then we are able to decide to take action. As we attempt to heal, we can use individual and collective somatic practices which act as touch points and keep us in touch with our bodies and our environment.

  • The first step in a time of anxiety and fear is to regulate our nervous system, so that we can be in a parasympathetic state and create an expansion for ourselves and others. It starts with the breath (deep inhales and long exhales).
  • The second step is surrendering to “what is”, only for the sake of being able to process it, not as a form of acceptance or agreement.
  • The third step is processing “what is” by asking our body where we feel the pain, the discomfort, the dissociation, the numbness and then leaning into that feeling so we can move through it. Be it grief, sorrow, or anger, to name a few, the desire to transform it into something “other than” and understand how and why it’s necessary is the process itself.

May we all welcome collective healing for our own sake, that of our children, of the generations that came before us and those that will come after us. This is the time to come together as a community and race, a human race.