Who does he think he is?

“You have a lot to say. Why are you not saying anything at all?” he forcefully asked.

“What a jerk!” I thought to myself as he just walked away.

“Who does he think he is?” A complete stranger who I just met at a party…and he thinks he knows who I am. How dare he?!?!

“He doesn’t even know me!”

I was offended to say the least, but as time passed, his words kept reverberating in my head. I started to wonder if he was a messenger with something I needed to hear at that moment of my life

But, why? Why did I need to hear this?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you only saw in yourself what other people see in you”…?

Most of the time this is the case, not because we don’t want to see our true potential, but because we don’t know where to look.

As children, some of us were told that to be a “lady”, we needed to be soft-spoken, cool, calm, and collected. We should never “ruffle any feathers” or raise our voices.

This belief system may be well-intended, but it comes with a deeper message to not speak our truth. This subconscious belief can permeate our entire lives – from the careers we pursue (or don’t) to the spouses we marry to the friends we choose. Eventually, we become adult women who cannot find our voices.

Yet, we have sooo much to say!

We bury our opinions, our desires, and our voices. So, at the core, in our body, we find all of the unspoken truths, unexpressed emotions, and unraveling thoughts that need to come out.

Do you see in yourself what others see in you? Are you ready to look deeper?

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