Whose life am I living?

I’ll never forget the day when I looked in the mirror and asked myself, “Whose life am I living? Is this the life I truly want?”

You know that feeling of driving somewhere and not even knowing how you got there? That’s exactly what it felt like when I woke up one day in my mid-thirties, married with three kids.

I looked at my blessed life and wondered…how did I get here?

After intellectually understanding the actual path, the question still lingered, not in my mind, but in my gut. There was an uneasy feeling that what I saw as my life was not connecting to what I felt. There was a DISCONNECT, because I was ignoring all the signs in my body of what was lacking within me and how I wasn’t honoring my truth.

Instead of quickly glancing at myself in the mirror, I took time to look deep into my soul.

Something started to click inside me. It was the seed to a new inquiry, the seed to a new self-discovery, the seed of awareness. I didn’t know what path I needed to take, but I just knew I had to do something.

Life happens to all of us… and only when we are ready will we look in the mirror and truly SEE ourselves and understand how we got to that place.

I want you to know that it’s all worth it.
It’s all part of the journey.
It’s all part of our growth.

We just need to embrace it with Self-Compassion and curiosity.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror today?

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