Do you look in the mirror and ask yourself,

Whose life am I living? Is this the life I truly want?

Could you be sabotaging your potential growth?

Are you ready to reinvent yourself, but don’t know how?

At 40 years old, I woke up and finally realized what was holding me back. I had given away my power and silenced my voice.

It didn’t happen overnight.

It was an accumulation of life events, unresolved traumas, lack of boundaries, and fear. For me, it had so much to do with wanting to be accepted and fitting a mold. I was feeling alone and didn’t have much female support. It had to do with wanting to accomplish great things and not understanding why I was stuck!

All of our stories are different, but our needs are the same.

We need to feel seen, heard, and worthy, but we can’t figure out why simply claiming that is not enough. We reside in out heads, trying to intellectualize our circumstances, while ignoring our screaming bodies who want us to awaken to our truth. The truth is that it’s not working.

What if you could…?

Embrace your true worth so you don’t need the constant validation of others.

Choose empowering belief systems that help you create the life you truly want.

Gain confidence and clarity in making life decisions both big and small.

My Story of Empowerment

25 years ago, I was involved in a long relationship that was taking a big toll on me. A friend recommended that I see an energy healer so I could better understand why it was so hard for me to make my relationship work.

For the first time in my life, I found answers and guidance from within and true clarity. I began to listen to my body and trust myself. I had a glimpse of where true power resides. I learned how we hold our emotions within our bodies and how that impacts our daily lives. This was my introduction to both energy and somatic work.

In that moment, I understood that this would be my course of healing – not only for myself, but eventually for those who I would have the privilege of helping.

The key is understanding how to tap into your own greatness through the tools available and to truly become empowered. It was not an easy journey for me, but one that has made me who I am today and one which eventually brought me to this work as a somatic coach.

I invite you to Reclaim the Real you by Going Within.

New Dates to be announced soon

How many times have you ignored your gut feeling...
fearful of upsetting someone or being judged?

Have you ended up regretting not following your gut?
If so, you’re not alone.

In this four-week workshop, I will teach you somatic practices that will help you go within, so you can learn how to trust the signals your body is giving you.

These signals are always present and loud, but we simply choose to ignore them.

Feeling truly empowered can only come from a place of truth. Understanding and accepting your truth is a process. It’s a very personal, beautiful journey. I will share practical tools to help you become aware of where you’re out of alignment.

As women, we are constantly juggling so much, including our thoughts and emotions. This constant “catching up” or “overwhelm” of thinking makes it difficult for us to make empowered decisions. Ultimately, we’re plagued with self-doubt. During the workshop, we will work individually and in a group to illuminate the common causes of what we perceive as “wrong decisions” and provide a new perspective on how to move forward.

Who is "Embody Your Empowerment" for?

Women who are called to…
  • Release disempowering stories that are holding them back.
  • Show up with embodied confidence in a new stage of life.
  • Make clear decisions that align with their truth.

By the end of the four weeks, you will be...

  • Recognizing and embracing your true worth so you can show up as your true self in all aspects of your life.
  • Identifying conditioned tendencies that no longer serve you and replacing them with empowering belief systems that can become your personal seeds of transformation.
  • Gaining confidence and clarity to make decisions that resonate with you from within by stepping into your newly Embodied Empowerment.

New Dates to be announced soon

What People Are Saying

“I really enjoyed taking the Somatic Workshop with Maria. I gained so much new knowledge about myself, body, and nervous system. I would definitely recommend it!”

Stefanie S. 

“This workshop was extremely beneficial and eye opening. We were taught the importance of wholeness, to look deep inside to see our superpower. The class helped me focus more on the now, how to deal with unhealthy emotions, and to think of the roots of these emotions. It is empowering to feel that I can control my emotions in a healthy way, to live in the present, and it was an invitation to practice compassion as the ultimate aliveness and self forgiveness. I highly recommend this workshop, and I am putting in my daily routine so many tips and ideas that Maria gave us to help us deal with daily struggles and to establish new habits to help us deal with stress while balancing things up with our busy schedules.”

Rania C.

“My experience in the workshop with Maria motivated me to connect with my body in ways that I had never ever experienced before! Besides her vast and impressive compassionate approach, Maria possesses a keen sense to actively listening and subtracting the key aspects that need attention, and that our body is reflecting. I am truly grateful and appreciative of Maria’s time, expert guidance and support in the process of recognizing and attending my own body’s language.”

Luz Angela R.

What you will receive in the workshop

  • Weekly 1.5 Hour Live Teaching Sessions with Maria Mahboubi

    Module 1: YOUR BODY KNOWS

    Listening and understanding your super power from the center of your body. 

    In this module we will learn to feel the body’s knowledge and recognize our true power through somatic awareness.

    Learning how your body communicates with you.

    In this module we will become more somatically aware by recognizing what our body is trying to tell us through somatic openings.
    Module 3: YOUR BODY ALLOWS

    Giving permission to the body to show us how to create opportunities that will allow us more choice.

    In this module we will pay attention and rely on the felt sense to determine how we can transform through somatic practices.

    Module 4: YOUR BODY LEADS

    Taking action from a centered place as we honor our body’s cues.

    In this module we will learn what it means to achieve somatic transformation, so that we can become better versions of ourselves.

Embody Your Empowerment Workbook
A digital workbook to download, print, take notes, and capture your experiences along your transformational journey.

Special Bonus Content for the session!
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Encouragement

    An exclusive group for members of the workshop where you’ll find mutual support and can ask questions in between sessions.

  • Somatic Audio Meditation Exclusive to Workshop Participants
    Created by Maria Mahboubi, this audio track will be a powerful addition to your healing experience.
  • 1 Hour One-on-One Somatic Coaching Session 
    A time to go deeper in your empowerment through a one-on-one session with Maria Mahboubi.

My Guarantee to You

I wholeheartedly believe that you will experience a significant transformation through the four-week “Embody Your Empowerment” workshop. 

If you attend all group sessions and complete the assigned work but do not feel like you’ve experienced a positive shift in your life, I will FULLY refund your investment.

Hello Beautiful!

Thank you for choosing to join me on this healing journey. I’m so humbled by your trust in me as a guide into your empowerment.

My passion is to be of service to women to awaken to their truth. By helping each woman, I am helping the generations that came before and will come after her. I am so excited for these four weeks of learning, sharing, communion, and discovery.

With much love and gratitude,